General Health, Fitness and Well-being

In many cases, the role of a personal trainer is simple. To help you get fit, and to make the process of getting there enjoyable! Workouts can include, Pilates, Boxing, Weight Training, Physio-Ball, Agility Training, Stability Training, Step and Circuits. With a full complement of cardio equipment at your disposal (no queues, no time limits!) achieving the exercise habit couldn't be easier.


Body Fat Reduction

Through exercise it is possible to modify your body's efficiency at burning stored fat. Combine this adjustment with exercises to increase your resting metabolic rate, and you are well on the way to becoming a leaner you. Of course some alterations to the content and timing of your meals may be necessary, but you may be surprised how well you can eat once you understand the nutritional principles of body fat reduction.


Sports Specific Fitness & Conditioning

A 'sports specific' exercise program must be tailored to suit the demands of your sport, whilst concurrently meeting your needs as an individual. You will undergo a 3-dimensional stability assessment to discover functional 'WEAK LINKS' that relate to performance deficits, injury risk, technique faults or pain during performance of your sport. You will then embark on a training program designed to eliminate any sports specific deficits with reference to stability, strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.


Pre Natal Exercise

The length of labour is an average 30% shorter in women who follow an exercise routine during pregnancy. Specific pre-natal exercise can also reduce incidence of back pain, provide oxygen rich blood for your baby, and speed up the return to your pre pregnancy shape after delivery. With specific guidelines and goals for each trimester, this is one of the best times to seek expert advice.


Post-Natal Abdominal Retraining (Baby welcome!)

After six weeks (10 weeks after C-Section) you should be ready to begin your post-natal exercise regime. You will learn how to recondition your abdominal muscles, using the latest abdominal muscle recruitment techniques. You can also begin the process of training to return to your pre pregnancy weight, with consideration to your nutritional requirements should you choose to breastfeed your baby.


Returning to Exercise/Work/Sport After Injury

Making the transition from the physio plinth to exercising can normally be a daunting prospect. At this stage it is vital for your trainer and physio to work together to help you return to your optimal level of performance, be it sport, work or simply daily life.


Gym Program Design/Modification

Enjoy training on your own? Why not breathe some life into your training by booking a session to re-assess your goals and to modify your routine.